2016: Trump, Brexit, Aleppo, and Your Facebook Updates

2016 for me personally was a good year. For the world? Not so much. Trump, Brexit, Aleppo, Zika virus and several terrorist attacks in Nizza, Cologne, and Berlin left the world shaken.

For 365 days the small world I am living in and the outside world collided. In my Facebook timeline. Here is what my year looked like.


David Bowie died and Obama cried when condemning gun violence during a speech at the White House. Meanwhile, Facebook tried to remind me of my New Year’s resolution vigorously. Let’s just say: these were advertising $$ not well spent.



Brazil saw a surge in birth defects related to the Zika Virus. In China, the Year of the Fire Monkey began. Meanwhile, my girlfriend got a great job offer in China, leaving me in Vienna, drawing monkeys.



Suicide bombers attacked metro stations and the Brussel airport and killed 32 people. Facebook suggested to stay positive and reminded me of a happy trip to Brussels 4 years ago.



The Panama Papers, containing financial information on more than 200k offshore entities, were leaked and my childhood-hero Prince died. Meanwhile, my friend Maria got her first baby.



The war in Syria was now in its fifth year. Besides spending more time outside in the parks and cafés in Vienna, not much happened.



June was a busy and sad month for world politics. In a referendum the UK voted for leaving the EU. Shortly before the Brexit, I visited London for the first time in my life and also for the last time London was a EU-city.



The terrorist attack in Nice killed 86 people on Bastille day. Meanwhile in Vienna, I was fortunate to celebrate another birthday.



The summer olympics took place in Rio de Janeiro this year. My friend Ben didn’t win a gold medal, but the love of his girlfriend, who he married.



2016 was not only a bad year for democratic values, but also for polar bears. Global warming altered the ecology of polar bears in the Arctic. In September, Linda’s mom died.



The Philippinnean President Rodrigo Duterte of the Philippines oversaw a brutal campaign against suspected drug and announced to “slaughter them all.” For me October meant getting back to school to finish my Master’s degree.



In November, fake news were all over the place. But it was not only hard to distinguish fake news from real news, but also real news from satire. On a slightly less serious note: This is how I looked after a month of #Movember.



December was a crazy time this year. On a high note, the Austrian liberal candidate defeated the alt-right Hofer in the presidential election. Van der Bellen, known for his smoking habits, won.


Earlier this month a track crashed into the Christmas Market in Berlin, killing 12 people and injuring many more. Seeing the news side by side with advertisements for the best cider on Christmas Markets make you cringe.



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